The Human Clock - A Clock Photo for Every Minute of the Day

The human clock was launched in 2001 and features a picture clock of someone giving the current time for all 1440 minutes of the day.  There are two main categories of the human clock; an analogue and a digital one.

The analogue clock features photos of actual people showing the time using their bodies against an analogue clock.  The digital clock features much more photos and in this section the time is given in various shapes or fashion.  We have to admit that personally we prefer much more the digital clock.

What makes this site interesting is how hundreds of different people from all over the world sent in thousands of submissions.  Photos include those that feature the time written on a crummy cardboard sign, on toilet paper in a public convenience, and even those showing the time in edible food.  There are even photos taken below sea level and ones over two miles above sea level.

Have a look for yourselves.  Another amazing thing is that the is a one-man operation, thought of and implemented completely by Craig Giffen.  He truly is a creative guy isn’t he? :>

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