EggWatchers - The Egg Timer that Entertains You

EggWatchers is there to banish forgetting, boredom, and bad cooking of an egg.  Quite simply, choose the size of the egg you want to cook, whether it is coming straight from the fridge or not, and finally whether you want it runny, squidgy or firm.  EggWatchers will then calculate the time needed for it to be cooked as you want it, and will proceed to show you a YouTube video of that exact time.  So sit back and relax whilst your egg cooks.  Once the video has stopped playing, your egg is ready!

We have to point out something, and please if you’re reading this EggWatchers, do pay attention.  We tried this out today, and the video that played out was of a massacre cartoon.  C’mon it left us completely without any appetite for lunch.  Also the site looks child friendly, you know with that cool egg cartoon.  We’re sure that no parent would have been left amused if he was given that video whilst trying the site out with this child.  We love the concept, and we agree that it is an entertaining egg timer, but do please moderate those YouTube videos.  Or else just have an approved list of videos from which EggWatchers will pick up.  All in all we are sure to try it out again.

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